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Our Services

Our projects include 1-2-1 support, outreach work, targeted group work programmes and co-delivered information workshops. From initial risk assessment and referral processes, we assess the children and young people using a contextual safeguarding framework, which is recognised as one of the most current and effective approaches.


Our staff use the children and young people’s understanding, knowledge and awareness to create change within them. This change could be behavioural, social or cultural.  This includes exploring support around healthy relationships, protective behaviours and self-esteem. Our support is long-term allowing us to consistently demonstrate improved levels of wellbeing. 

Our work is based upon our philosophy of three main strands: Choice (Prevention), Challenge (Cycle of Exploitation) and Change (Youth Participation).  

reported improved levels of well-being



engagement rate



retention rate for services


exited a life of exploitaiton


Previous Beneficiary

“I can speak in my own words and be understood.”

Previous Beneficiary

"Well it makes sense to learn what I’m learning and understanding it - it stops me doing it.”

Previous Beneficiary

“My Link to Change worker hears what I say and doesn’t judge me.”

Who We Work With

Collaboration is essential to the success of our work and the outcomes we deliver for children and young people. 

Link to Change are the only voluntary organisation that attends all of the key meetings across the county, alongside the Police and three Local Authorities.  These meetings include; the Pan-Bedfordshire CE Strategic Board, the county Serious Youth Violence Board and the Child Exploitation Meeting. Our CEO is a representative at many of the key meetings around the county, supporting not only the prevention and reduction in child exploitation, but the voluntary sector as a whole.


Our young people and staff support university and academic centres of research in understanding child sexual and criminal exploitation.  Through our Youth Participation programme our young people act in an advisory capacity to the three Local Authorities and Police.

Our Work in the Community

Our team actively offer support and engage in events in and around the local community

At Link to Change, our commitment to making a positive impact in the community is unwavering. As a charity dedicated to supporting young people we strive to create a safer and more secure environment for our future generations. One of the ways we fulfill this mission is through our collaboration with the Tree Project, where our dedicated staff actively engage in regular outreach work and sessions to provide crucial support within the community. We are proud advocates for mental health awareness as active members of Bedfordshire's Mental Health Alliance, working tirelessly to break down barriers and promote well-being within our community. Additionally, our affiliation with the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce underscores our dedication to fostering strong partnerships and contributing to the overall prosperity of the region.


At Link to Change, our work in the community is not just a duty but a passion, and we are committed to driving positive change for the better.

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