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Our mission is to offer a trauma-informed and strengths-based approach. We create a supportive environment, providing our young people with the necessary space to rebuild their sense of self and embark on a journey of healing.

the beginning

Our journey began in 2003 when we started DIALDRUGLINK, specialising in supporting individuals struggling with substance abuse. 

a new specialism

Link to Change was founded in 2011 by a passionate team who recognised the increasing demand for exploitation support. 


In 2021 Link to Change moved to Bedford to support Children and Young People across Bedfordshire and Luton.

the present

Our dynamic team continue to focus their efforts on creating positive and lasting change for the children and young people we work with in order to help them exit a life of exploitation.


At Link to Change we are committed to being the experts in child exploitation, using direct experience to advocate and support change. 


We achieve this by:

Inspiring and enabling positive change, growth and self-worth for all children and young people.​


Having a commitment to young people’s participation and involvement in service design, governance and review.


Building engaging and trusted relationships with children, young people, families, professionals and the communities in which they live within.


Providing a holistic and dynamic trauma-informed support service around exploitation.


Being proactive with children and young people in prevention as the best form of protection against exploitation.


Young Person -

Group Work

I've enjoyed you coming in as you teach us things no one else will.”

Previous Beneficiary

“I’m happy to work with those who put their mind into their work, and you see me every week so you obviously do.”

Young Person -

Group Work

These sessions have made me a lot more aware of life.”  



We believe that all survivors of exploitation should be supported and have access to appropriate services. Beneficiaries are the heart of everything we do.


We provide an effective, reliable and high quality service to young people, their families, the community and professionals to support them.


We advocate for and with young people and challenge other professionals to create positive change.


We are confident in our commitment and credibility to deliver on what we say we are going to do.


 We are committed to our young people through providing open-ended and continuous support.


 We are dedicated to continually build upon our knowledge and expertise in the field of children, young people and exploitation.


We create a culture to safeguard and protect everyone from exploitation.

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