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The dedicated team at Link to Change work hard to create and enable positive change with our children and young people.

Young Person's Feedback

What would you say has been the most positive thing from having Link to Change in your life?

“To talk to someone innit. You can’t (pauses) right, life is like a bin yeah. You can put loads and loads of rubbish in yeah, but at some point it’s gonna overflow and you gotta empty it. But if you just keep leaving it and leaving it and leaving it, it becomes a pile. And then once it becomes a pile, keep leaving it, it becomes a mound, and once it becomes a mound it becomes a mountain. So you’ve gotta clean it….. it’s not as much of a mess no more ”

Professionals Feedback

At all times I felt you understood the student you worked with, were clear on your role and delivered it exceptionally well. I can also say the student who you worked with has had a lot of intervention but engaged especially well with you. From a student whose attendance was as low as 40% and now reaching attendance hitting the high 80s this has massively improved.
Last year I would have been very doubtful she would have sat any exams but now I believe she is going to be sitting all of her core subjects and a couple of option subjects too which is amazing.

Young Person's Feedback

It was like really bad like I wouldn’t listen to my mum, every time she told me to do something I wouldn’t do it. Erm every time I walked into school and I had a bad day I’d take it out on her and I’d have a massive go at her, and I’d shout and I’d scream then my sister gets involved, then if my brother’s there he’d get involved and I’d be shouting and screaming at all of them.

Professionals Feedback

The way the programme was presented; there was no pressure on the students to attend, they could come and go as they pleased, speak when they wanted to or not. They were listened to, they felt heard, and because of this the students attended and stayed for the full session and participated.


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Client A is a 16 year old male and was referred to Link to Change for engaging in inappropriate relationships online with older and younger females. The referral was made by his father and step-mother, as they feared for his safety. His parents reported that he had poor friendships and spent much of his time isolated, with most of his social interaction being online or gaming. He had no knowledge of CSE, appropriate relationships and was exposed to abuse at a young age by his biological mother.
Client A was open to working with Link to Change, he engaged well and worked with us for approximately 6 months before successfully finishing the project. Toward the beginning he lacked confidence, reported being bullied throughout his academic experience and rarely ventured away from home. He reported having more confidence online but was completely unaware of the dangers it poses. We had weekly one to one sessions out in the community to model a healthy relationship, increase his awareness and practice safe relationships on/offline.
By the end of the project client A was able to reflect on the occasions he put himself and others at risk online and was able to provide solution to reduce this risk. He started to form and practice friendships at college and could identify if they were healthy. He became comfortable with visiting new places out in the community and obtained a job at a mechanics that Link to Change facilitated. Support came to a natural positive end.

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